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New drivers pay on average 360 euros more than more experienced drivers

There are insurance companies that do not protect children under the age of 25, who allow it, to significantly increase the premium rate
 Finding a new driver insurance can be a real problem, as well as being very expensive. There are some insurance companies that don't protect children.
Those under the age of 25 and those that allow it significantly increase the premium price due to factors such as age. The fact is that data shows that novice drivers behind the wheel are more likely to have accidents.
On the other hand, regardless of age, the driver's license approval date is also calculated when calculating the cost of the policy, if obtained less than two years ago, it will be difficult to find affordable insurance. According to a study by, the price of car insurance for new drivers is an average of €725.30 compared to a driver with greater experience. Specifically, it is 360 euros more than drivers between the ages of 40 and 49. However, the law is obliged to participate in compulsory civil liability insurance covering personal and material damages to third parties.

How do you save the car insurance for the new driver?
One of the factors to consider saving in insurance for the new driver is the type of policy to be purchased. It is not the same thing to pay the premium against all risks on cars under the age of 25 compared to paying to third parties. The more the contracting of guarantees, the higher the price. Therefore, it is recommended that novice drivers adhere to the coverage they really need. For example, if the vehicle is present for a long time, you may not need to obtain insurance against all risks without increasing, but extended third-party insurance may be sufficient.

Put the new driver on offer to pay less.
One option that some people choose to pay less for their car insurance is to register as an occasional driver for carrier insurance. This option is usually considered by families where the child takes the license and starts using the parents' car. In this way, the insurance holder will be the father or mother and their seniority will be assessed at the wheel, leaving the child as a secondary driver. This ensures that the premium does not increase much. However, this practice has its negative side, as long as the occasional driver appears as such, he will not add seniority. For this reason, when it comes to signing up for insurance as a holder, you will have to afford a much higher price than you would have if you added all the years you've made.

That the driver doesn't appear in the insurance policy.
Some new people who share a car with someone else who is already listed as a policyholder decide not to appear as a second driver to avoid an increase in the premium. However, in addition to the lack of years of service, it is one of the most dangerous options, because in the event of an accident, the company may decide not to take responsibility. Each insurance company has age and seniority requirements to cover drivers who do not appear in insurance, which usually have a minimum age of 25 years and 5 years of driver's license. If the novice has an accident and is not covered by insurance, he or she will have to take care of the damage to third parties.

Specific policies for novice drivers
Some insurance companies have special policies for novice drivers, which pay special attention to the needs of those under the age of 25 who have just obtained their license and have little experience. There are also companies that offer discounts to young groups of new arrivals and extended third parties covering them on the road.
However, another option so that the policy does not become expensive is to take payment while driving or paying while driving. As the name of this insurance says, it is a matter of paying the policy premium based on the driver's style of the insurance holder. If you drive responsibly, avoid dangerous driving hours, and drive on safe and uninjured roads, this insurance rewards the driver at much lower prices than others when renewing the insurance. To check good driving, some insurance companies install devices that collect driving information.

How do you find the best insurance for new drivers?
As we've seen, novice drivers face many barriers when it comes to buying auto insurance. The search has been difficult from the start, as not all insurance companies will open the doors to secure your car. But once you find one, you'll see how amazing the price is compared to the price those who already have more years in their driver's license (experience) and identity (over 26 years). However, given the high prices, they can be reduced. We give you some tips so you can get auto insurance for young people without giving up the necessary coverage.
New drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 drive relatively new vehicles, as 54% of these vehicles are under 5 years old, according to Mutwa Madrelini. The price policy of the car depends on the driver, but also on what the car is. Since a new car with fresh equipment and high energy is more expensive to insure, it is recommended to choose a "basic" car in the early years of licensing.
When buying a car, watch out for its power. According to statistics, a person who has just obtained a driver's license to drive a car with great power increases the risk of an accident, so it can be a determining factor for insurance companies to refuse or offer you exorbitant prices. For safety reasons, you won't be able to take full advantage of the power your car provides, so if you choose a car with less horsepower, you'll also be able to enjoy the road and reduce the premium you'll pay for car insurance.
If the selected car is powered by diesel or gasoline, it also affects the price. The cost of fuel, maintenance and the price of buying a car for one engine or another can be crucial when you choose between one or the other, but it also directly affects insurance. Insurance for a diesel-powered car is usually somewhat more expensive than a gasoline-powered car, although it depends on the insurance company.
Wait to adjust the car for a few years, the price can be raised more.
Whether you are a good or bad driver reflected in the premium you pay, so during the first year, show your insurance company that you do not have any claims, and in renewal your premium will be reduced with bonuses.
Choose a specific car insurance for beginners. Some insurance companies, such as Generali and Mapfre, offer young people between the ages of 18 and 30 the option to purchase "pay-as-you-go" products. It's a youth car insurance that offers you a premium based on the responsibility you show behind the wheel. It provides you with a customized budget depending on the way you drive. The insurance company installs a device in your vehicle that controls different driving variables, such as the route you take, the speed, the time it is used and the accidents you may be experiencing. If you show good behavior, they will reward you with rewards and adjust the policy price according to your specific characteristics.
When using the car also affects. If you don't use it during the weekend and rest in the garage, they can give you discounts.
Get insurance with the franchise. The most direct way to lower your premiums is to rent a franchise. You'll be paid part of the expenses if you make a claim, but if you're a good driver, you can get a competitive price so that the high premium for being new isn't noticeable.
You can also take advantage of offers from insurance companies that give you interesting discounts if you get more than one insurance.