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How do you choose a professional insurance consultant?


This is a consultative publication, in risk management, loss prevention and insurance, and its sole purpose: to meet the assumed obligation, upon receipt of uDS. Responsibility for sponsoring and maintaining their assets as designated consultants.

Advising you in a timely and infact way is the only way to anticipate you and us, for the actions we must take to achieve this goal, and to preserve and convey your heritage through the coverage package through which, through us, UDS. They tell the insurance company that they signed their documents on time.

Today the fact that the majority of people know everything and for that; Those who read the same books and reread them two and three times, to ensure that if we learn from their contents, what to learn, and advise them well, in time and with truth, about the issues of our professional experience, the causes of UDS. They called us insurance consultants, we know that: who reads and knows and who doesn't, simply makes mistakes!

You are the one who reads me today, is the capital of the state diary, it is possible that because of it, i decided intelligently once you walk in the circumstances of the whole world at this time, that the situation was much better in Venezuela, "legacy this failed government while crossing out of the country for this reason;

Today's theme is important to you. As the head of the family, but it's more, if you are. In addition, the entrepreneur, therefore, knows, that managing a company in times of abundance is not the same as managing a company in times of abundance, from doing so in times of scarcity, like the ones we still travel to, in this best country in the world, here we enter the subject.

Insurance is changing rapidly around the world, and thankfully, these changes also come to Venezuela, not through the official path that should lead those fundamental and necessary changes so that the slowdown does not continue, but because of their continued contribution. Professionals who invest long hours in research, who write and share their results in the quest to serve the community they best recommend.\

Who can be a professional insurance broker or consultant?

The insurance producer must be a university professional, in any profession directly related to industry and commerce in the country, where it is based, in jobs such as: engineering, law, actuarial science, economics, business administration and marketing, and after graduation from one of them, majorin in management Risk insurance, with this type of vocational training, will have the knowledge to understand and assess the circumstances under which your insured candidate is surrounded and the underlying risks to which he is exposed, while the "approach", and how to advise him professionally as a person and the insured interests that he currently has.

It must be dedicated to full-time insurance counseling and mediation, and must know the depth of insurance activity in all its dimensions or at least in relation to it and can benefit from it and/or harm its representative, the contracting party, "insured" among those who have their trust, and therefore their loyalty, the person who delivers his assets at risk many times, accumulated a fortune with constant effort for many decades of work, and therefore, their future and the future of their families, to take care of and maintain through the coverage of the insurance policy.

Today's professional insurance consultant plays a key role in managing risk-loss prevention, being the primary defender of the interests and rights of the insured, remembering that "the best insurance is the one that has never been used", should not only provide your customer's advice with full knowledge and experience. In order to conclude an insurance contract that meets the expectations of the policyholder, by covering, within the coverage structure, all the specific risks to which he is exposed, but also throughout the entire duration of the contract, inform the insured in a timely manner in the drafting of their claims, and give them the necessary follow-up until the final collection of the claim.

What guarantees should "insured"receive from your insurance consultant?

Because the practice of this profession involves a deep knowledge of the laws governing the matter in the country in which the individual must reside and those related to the specific areas in which they give their advice, knowing their client and the origin of the funds in which the policy premiums are paid and requesting contract. (The condition imposed by the Insurance Activity Act).)

If his representative in the administration and underwriting of the pro-risk, is advised to know what risk management and loss prevention is, as an earlier step to establish a faithful coverage structure for the insurance support required in order to cover the insurance interest, so that some industry and/or trade risks and/or insured interest are taken only on insurance, and the reason for the issuance of the property insurance program and public civil liability.

Employment insurance is not something to do easily, less at these moments in the country, when money isn't enough for anything, and this is where your insurance consultant should start making his presence felt in front of his client. Today, the majority of insurance companies that are still alive in our market have prices for health and cars on the web, so the majority of citizens think already know the basics of contracting with this type of policy, but the work of a professional consultant in this regard, can not stop there, knowing what kind of policies an insurance company or another owns, must know what the real economic and financial situation of insurance companies that can serve you. Like the one you have. You would like to carry your insurance.

Which insurance companies efficiently manage the risks you need to contract?
What makes joint risk and insurance management?

This new form of service to the insured that we provide to our customers is possible only with the approval of the boards of the companies we recommend, with the participation of the insurance companies with which we place the risks in a preferential manner, once the latter is accepted and they support the coverage structure that we create on the basis of a certain risk assessment of the company and an assessment to ensure the assets to be insured, through the property insurance program coverage package and the consent of the insured customer, who agrees to apply the loss prevention measures within his company to take care of his assets and maintain them.
In general, the work that includes this career security path includes the following process:
Definition of risk
Clear "Some risks, location"
The evaluation was made to ascertain their structures and contents.
Analysis, evaluation, verification, control and audit of detected risks.
Design the coverage structure of the new family insurance program on the above-mentioned foundations.
Positions in charge of CORAGERSE Insurance Brokerage
Identify applicable loss prevention measures.
Auditing and/or implementing applicable and/or applicable loss prevention systems for disposal and/or reduction and/or self-insurance/self-insurance when they are economically viable, to protect the property rights and/or third parties for which it is secured may be legally responsible for the embodiment of loss risk.
Risk engineering and control services, in order to maintain the validity of approved loss prevention measures.

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