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best property insurance companies

In the following publication, we present you with a list of the best home insurance in Colombia for 2020 so that it can serve as a guide when hiring any of them. We'll also explain the different types of home insurance and why it's so important to get it. 

What is home insurance?

Home insurance is a contract that aims to cover damages that may occur in the home or furniture prior to various risks and events. Home insurance can cover any damage or damage to third parties, etc.In general, the value of the home premium is calculated based on the individual characteristics of the assets to be insured, highlighting the geographical location of the property, insured values, the types of coverage required, the year and type of construction.

What coverage does home insurance provide?

Home insurance provides different coverage for both homeowners and tenants. In general, each policy will be different from the other and it will depend on the company chosen by the customer, in addition to the needs that must be covered.

Below is a general list of coverage they provide for home insurance:





Damage to the air and water

Strong winds

Best Home Insurance 2020

Grupo Sura: Home Insurance

Grupo SURA in 1944 in Medellin is the parent company that integrates insurance and social security solutions into different companies. Your brand is offered to customers such as Seguro SURA, ARL SURA and EPS SURA

 Grupo SURA in 4 plans to secure your home

Sura Master Plan: Provides coverage in case your home or goods inside are physically damaged by accidental and unforeseen events, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, terrorism and malicious acts. Others offer coverage in case a family member, pet or yourself causes harm to third parties. 

Global Home Plan: Provides coverage in the event of an unexpected event for your home or apartment, such as a fire. floods among other things. Gives you the money you need to find another home and replace your damaged contents. 

Classic Home Plan: Provides coverage of your home and property inside in case of any particular claim or event. The house is insured for reconstruction, i.e. they are responsible for evaluating the property and calculating the value of its reconstruction. There are additional coverage, such as earthquakes, theft and damage to others. 

Master plan: A scheme that secures all belongings within the house or apartment. It can include everything from furniture and appliances to electronic equipment

Key coverage

All the risks.

Earthquakes, tides and volcanic eruptions

Malicious acts of others and terrorism

Damage to you and the causes

Damage to others

Optional covers

Additional expenses

Home support bond

Home care

Unless covered

Exceptions vary depending on the type of plan you choose.

What are you protecting?

1. Housing: A house, cottage or apartment located at the address you specify. Electrical or electronic equipment included in the property cannot be removed.

2. Contents: Items inside the house are not part of the structure of the house, such as furniture, appliances, electrical, electronic and gas equipment, personal items, decorative items and other objects that belong to you and the people who share the space.

3. Personal and non-transferable documents: citizenship cards, driver's license, passports, visas and military books. The insurance covers the cost of formal replacement of the document without including travel, accommodation, proxy costs, or additional actions that you must perform.

4. Special contents: Must be supported by SURA, be included in the insurance cover and meet the following conditions to be protected.

Jewellery worth more than six current statutory minimum monthly wages (SMMLV)

Watches equal to more than six SMMLV

Bikes worth more than six SMMLV

Cameras or video cameras worth more than six SMMLV

Works of art worth more than ten SMMLV

Bicycles, electric bikes or skateboards and other electric vehicles

All items such as drones or aircraft models

Musical instruments are worth more than six SMMLV.

5. Solar panels: Located at home.

Allianz Sigoros: Home Insurance

 Is a German-born multinational financial services company. It has been operating since 1890 and is currently present in more than 70 countries. It is currently one of the world's major insurance groups. 

Plans to secure your home

Standard Plan: Is a plan designed for the homeowner. The value to be insured for the home is the commercial value, which means that the valuation, location and other characteristics of the property are taken into account. It covers damage to heaters, damage caused by attempted theft, and damage to guests' or visitors' property as a result of an accident, among other things. 

Custom Plan: A plan designed for the owner and tenant of the house. The coverage is contracted according to the customer's needs. 

Home debtors: A plan that targets landlords who have a home loan with financial institutions, cooperatives and/or funds. It has coverage of fires, malicious acts of third parties, earthquakes, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, tsunami, help of debtors.

طريقة التأمين Allianz Insurance

Hogar Plus: Securing the home, protecting assets from all risks

Hogar Gold:Coverage for housing, assets that provide peace of mind

Basic home: Securing the house and its assets

Basic home: Cover the damage to the house

Debtors: for homeowners of properties that have home loans

Type of coverage


Nature Events

Strike, Asunada, civil rebellion or popular unrest - malicious acts of third parties

Water damage

Other damage

Non-contractual civil liability property

Additional civil liability for the family

Electrical events


All the risks.

Liberty Seguros: Home Insurance

 A multinational company of American origin located in 17 countries around the world. She has been working in Colombia since 1997, offering insurance policies to families and companies. 

Liberty Seguros offers plans to secure your home

Global House: Is a practical and comprehensive insurance for the house where you must indicate the insured value and the desired insurance alternative, either real estate insurance only or insurance for its contents only or insurance on the property and its contents. This product is intended for homeowners, tenants or tenants. 

Total Home: Focuses on standard home insurance design, where your assets are comprehensively protected. It's ideal for special items such as artwork, laptops, jewelry, clothing, furniture, appliances, etc. 

Protected Home: An insurance plan that does not require assessments or ownership relationships, your assets are comprehensively protected. The value of the insured property and the required insurance alternative should be indicated. It targets both homeowners and tenant owners. 

Banco Caja Social Policy: Is an exclusive insurance for Banco Caja Social customers. A home inspection is not required, nor is it a list of assets. It's a policy that allows you to choose protection according to your needs.

Family Plan: Is a comprehensive and exclusive policy for employees of the social enterprise against the physical and personal risks to which the home may be exposed, including losses that may result from damages to third parties. 


Coverage of the property and contents of the house in the event of accidents or incidents that harm or result in loss.

Cover against damage to a third party.

A wide range of emergency assistance


Extensive coverage covering the following events:

Fire and hazards associated with it

Fire explosion

Water damage


Damage from rain, hail and strong winds

Accidental glass break

An additional amount in the case of the claim covers expenses such as:

l expenses, if the house is uninhabitable or the rental value is no longer received

Removal of debris

Malicious acts of third parties, damage soured by events such as vandalism, rioting and terrorism  

Mapfre: Home Insurance

 A Spanish multinational company dedicated to the insurance and reinsurance sector and listed as a leading multinational insurance group in Latin America. Has been operating in Colombia for more than 30 years and offers a wide range of products and services

Mapfre offers two plans to secure your home: 
Clover: Offers insurance on your home or its contents. In this plan, you will be able to choose compensation for material damage and losses to declared assets, whether due to fire, explosion, wind, aircraft impact, smoke, water damage, etc. In the same way, there is coverage of damage caused by theft and personal accidents, as well as extended home care coverage. 
Additional protection

Break the glass.
Damaged refrigerated food.
Remove the rubble.
Extinction, conservation and fees.
Reconstruction expenses for business esplanright.
Refund the insured value to pay claims without charging an additional premium.
Ambaro hole in one for golfers.
Material damage outside the building.
Dishonesty of domestic workers.
Aesthetic damage
Eligible off-site theft. 
Loss of luggage. 
Medical expenses for third parties. 
One hole.
Help at home

Carpet washing and drying.
Gas installations.
Repair or replace tiles due to breakage.
The guard house.
Hotel expenses to exclude insured property.
Price change.
guarding the events held at home.
The costs of repairing the property of the neighbouring third party derived from additional contractual civil liability.
Gardening expenses.
Interruption of the insured's journey as a result of loss of insured property. 
Early return due to the death of a relative.
Communicate with professionals.
Legal consultation over the phone, telephone tax advice and remote computer assistance service.