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Tips for renting a car in the United States and finding out the need for insurance


If you're going to do the road along the west coast, you're definitely on the epic of car hire. Well, I have good news for you, I've reached the perfect place. Here you will resolve all the doubts you have before confirming your booking. This way you will have all the information you need to rent a car in the United States and the necessary insurance.

Let's see where I start. It is no secret that the best way to visit national parks is by your own car, because it gives you great autonomy, do not depend on the public transport or stations that your tour guide wants to do. You can also stop as much as you want, because in this corner of the world, everything will be familiar to you thanks to the cinema and you'll need many to stop your way.

To do this without problems or at least mitigate the damage that may occur in the event of an accident, we will have to contract a series of necessary insurance when renting the car that we will operate along the West Coast. Here are a lot of tips to keep in mind and by the way, get the best deal.

What kind of car to rent in the United States

I always recommend renting a 4×4 SUV on the west coast, because when you visit national parks, you move from place to place on the roads between the forests to reach a view or an important place and if for some reason you want to go to the beach road because you've seen an animal you want to photograph, or simply some of the meadows you found beautiful, it will always be easier to get off the asphalt with a slightly higher car than a normal passenger car.

In addition, this extra height enjoyed by the SUV, even if you will not enter in difficult ways, it is very good, because on this journey you go with the bags of all passengers, so i don't like going with a car more than loaded and praying not to hit the bass in any oisation. I think these SUVs, as they call themselves, are slightly longer and 4x4 cars.

But don't be afraid to drive a 4×4. On our trip down the West Coast, we rented Ford Scape. It was like a slightly bigger wheeled car. Today's SUV does not have that dual-wheel drive boom. It is an all-round mechanism, whether in gear change or traction. They themselves know if they are rolling on the road or need a four-wheel drive.

So don't be afraid to drive a 4x4 SUV in the United States. What's more, I would recommend it, because they usually have more trunk. On a trip where you pack and take out your luggage every day, you can't carry enough space for your luggage, because as days go by, it increases, either because of the chaos or because you're buying something. In addition, if you want to save money, you will definitely buy a refrigerator to transport fresh water and food for consumption in parks and excursions.

At Monument Valley, you'll also find a 4 x 4 SUV to take the dirt track through which you visit the park. There, navajo Indians usually have a very poorly preserved primary section for the sole purpose of selling their own trips, either on horseback or in their SUV. But if you go with your 4×4 car, you won't have trouble making the trip yourself, without paying anything more and stopping as many times as you want.

U.S. Car Rental Rates

The first thing you need to specify is the part or type of car you need, so that it adapts to the space needed for the number of people you will travel. Above all, don't forget the space for luggage. The natural thing is to rent a little loose car. I remind you that on this type of trip, usually do not repeat the night in almost the same place at all, so you should pack your bag over and over again, so your luggage will increase with the passing days.

It is recommended to rent a rental car online in advance, and this way you can choose the type of car you want, making sure that when you arrive at the destination, your car is already booked. If you leave it to the latter, it will certainly cost you more and you will have to settle the form they have at that time.

If you want to save when it comes to renting a car in the United States, make the main driver the person with the longest time on his driver's license. Since you have been driving for less than 3 years or less than 25 years, you will be charged a daily supplemental fee.

To rent a car, you must have a Visa credit card (not a debit card), since this is the payment method by which all costs will be borne, those contracted in principle and potential future expenses, such as fines of traffic.

There are tracking tools like Rentalcars, to find the best prices among all companies, such as searching for a flight. In addition, they have a free cancellation in case you decide to change plans and wish to cancel the booking, and they can do so without any charge up to 48 hours before the scheduled receipt of the car.

Everything you need to know about car rental insurance in the United States

Vehicle insurance is a key issue and should be very aware of the concepts that are insured and those that are not insured. As far as you may see the words "all insurance is covered" advertised in any offer, all insurance will never be included in the price. I've never said before, because that's part of the way all car rental companies work.

The insurance may be covering a little more or less, but there will always be an upgrade to be provided behind the counter, whether it's for lost keys, roadside assistance or lower protection. Therefore, you should keep in mind that you will always have to add something to the price.

There are many insurances in the US and many shortcuts that make travelers from Europe feel dizzy, so we have very clear guidelines. Here are the most popular shortcuts to car rental insurance in the United States:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

This is the main insurance for a rented car. With CDW, you just have to pay a fixed amount (privilege) for damage to your vehicle as long as it is the result of a collision, whether we are wrong or not, i.e. if you are hit and cost $3,000 to repair it and your surplus is $1000, you will pay only $1000. Don't worry about the damage that may result from the opposite, because they will have their own CDW lock.

CDW is an insurance that will be included in any offer because it is regulated by law. Of course, with this insurance, you can trade perfectly legally on American roads if you don't want to rent anything else

Do not confuse CDW with all risks, because the engine and the interior of the cabin, tires, bottom and ceiling are included only in case of damage due to collision. That's why they're doing it. For example, if you burn a seat with a cigarette, you pay for it. If you hit a frame and spoil the frame or frame, you pay for it. If you drop a tree branch on the roof of your car while parked in the shade, you pay for it. If you do not know how to drive a car and blow up the engine, then you pay for it.
Some American companies recently decided to cover wheels, bottoms, roofs and moons such as Dollar and Hertz. The Alamo at the moment has only produced windows and wheels.

LDW (Loss Damage Waiver)

This is the ideal insurance to complete CDW, because it expands your coverage to also include car theft, but you still have a $1000 franchise, to continue with the previous example.

Civil Liability Insurance (TPL) covers the driver's civil liability for injuries or damages. It does not cover the driver's own injury or damage to his rented car. Remember that it covers liability and not damages.

The united state government  has also provide a number of support INGS to the united state

LIS, SLP or SLI abbreviations used to refer to insurance to extend civil liability to TPL up to $1,000,000.
Personal effects (PEC) is an insurance that covers the value of personal items transported in the vehicle during the journey.

Tips for renting a car in the United States

When you book the car and tell you in your offer that you have "everything covered", it means that you have all the necessary insurance to drive, but that doesn't mean you're fully covered. When you receive the car, they will provide you with additional insurance that covers everything that has been left exposed by the insurance you have already entered or contracted online.

Don't worry about this, because leasing companies operate this way all over the world. Whatever you set online, they'll always provide you with final insurance that covers this franchise I've told you about before. Companies know that while making a reservation, we look at the "hard" and easier to "hang" on to the final insurance, and play with fear when it comes to car pick-up and when we already forget the cost of booking a car. But that's true. We can't do anything.

Forget the insurance included in your credit card. The natural thing is that if the card includes insurance for a rented car, they do so including only CDW, ie basic. You will have to refuse basic insurance when booking a car and I don't think you will get any compensation for it, as CDW is included in all basic rates.

When browsing the web, I read that there are car rental companies charge administrative fees to handle any part of the accident, when insurance is not provided by them.

Another factor to keep in mind is that credit cards that include some sort of insurance to rent a car in the United States operate on delivery. Let me explain, if you have an unfortunate accident, then you are paid and compensated. Visa does not make this process very clear.

With this information, it's enough to know how to choose car rental insurance in the United States. However, when you receive the car, they will always provide you with some extension.

My personal recommendation is that once you get basic CDW insurance, the theft extension with LDW and TPL along with the SLI to cover your civic liability, will ignore any offers they make. Because they will offer you to even pay something more to separate the two keys that provide you with a link in one loop, so that you can use the keys separately. But nothing at all, because even for this I have a trick. Read on.

Book your car with Rentalcars. It is the only search engine that always has four insurances included in the final price. Therefore, you will only have to cover the famous franchise with the insurance it will provide you upon receipt of the car. If you want to hire him.

Commissions when renting a car in the United States

Rent a car in the USA
The rental companies are usually allowed to have some specified time, after about an hour to consider such a return. After that time, they can collect another full day of rent to delay the return.

If you plan to deliver the car in a different condition than you have collected, they will charge you an additional cost. It usually starts from US$200 onwards, and this additional cost is not collected in advance, always upon receipt of the car.

Leasing companies usually give you two keys, but they are linked to a metal ring that makes them inseparable. Since losing your car keys in the middle of the journey can be a good time, they will try to charge you extra for giving the keys separately. My advice is that you do not rent it and in the first large area you find it on your way, go to the hardware store section and cut the ring with pliers from those for sale. This way two different people can own the car key and avoid good fear. The company won't tell you anything to deliver it loosely.

There are offers that include an extra driver, you can also take advantage of them because the second or third driver can also increase the price, since it is an additional service.

Car rental receipt and delivery.

Rent a car in the USA
It is likely that at the time of receipt of your rental car they will not have available units of the model you have booked, so they will give you a model of the same category or higher, but always with respect to the price.

In general, the rented car will be delivered to you with a full tank, and you must return it on the same terms. Although companies sometimes offer you packages that you enter in addition to extended insurance, fuel deposit, which allows you to deliver the car regardless of the level of deposit.
If you haven't got insurance that fully covers you, check the windshield and rear glass, as well as the entire car in general before starting the trip to record any scratches in the contract.

Find out what to do in the event of an accident or roadside assistance. Before departure, check the car controls, as well as recognize the safest automatic transmission.

When delivering your car to an airport, keep in mind that the rental car delivery area will be in the vicinity of the airport, where you will have to return the bus or internal train, so you will need extra time to get to the boarding office.

If you rent a rental car with full comprehensive insurance, you will save a lot of time when it comes to handing over the car, since everything is insured, the rental company will not be interested in examining the car.

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