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What is the cheapest car insurance? Web comparison
insurance 13 September 2020
  Giving priority to finding good insurance is what many people undoubtedly want and the best thing is to be able to find a good price accor...
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How do you choose a professional insurance consultant?
insurance 24 August 2020
  This is a consultative publication, in risk management, loss prevention and insurance, and its sole purpose: to meet the assumed obligatio...
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best property insurance companies
insurance 22 August 2020
In the following publication, we present you with a list of the best home insurance in Colombia for 2020 so that it can serve as a guide whe...
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How does the insurance company determine the payment of compensation for the claim?
insurance 20 August 2020
  It is common among homeowners that if they are at a loss, they are very concerned that their insurance compensation will amount to making ...
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What you should know about insurance
insurance 19 August 2020
Insurance protects you financially from the risk of losing an asset that is difficult to replace You can secure the asset that costs you mos...
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